Renting with Us (Our Process and Policies)

We’ve streamlined the rental process for you; no counter, no lines, easy pick-up/ drop-off at Walla Walla Regional Airport or at your location.


Book on our website.  Visit the How to Book page for information about the steps for making a reservation.

Reservation confirmation requires complete and accurate information & payment. Upon confirmation, W/2 Rentals ensures the vehicle you chose is yours and will be there when you need it.

Confirmation will come to the email you provided when your account was set-up.

(Note: As it is Washington State Law, W/2 Rentals requires Renter and Drivers carry a proof of insurance card or copy of their auto insurance policy.)


A representative from W/2 Rentals will meet you at the location on the date and pickup time you selected. This detail is also included in the TERM section of the Confirmation email you received. Our vehicles are located at the Walla Walla Regional Airport at the Port of Walla Walla: 45 Terminal Loop, #11, Walla Walla, WA, 99362.

When you pick-up, we’ll check driver’s license to make sure it’s you, go over some vehicle features, hand you some keys and you’re on your way!

Custom Pick-up (additional fee)
Any location within 9 miles of Walla Walla Regional Airport. If outside this distance, custom pick-up must be approved by us and additional mileage and delivery charges may apply. If custom pick-up is approved, our agency representative will arrive at your location at your selected pick-up time.

Please note: Renter is responsible to take delivery within 30 minutes of the pick-up time after which the rental will be updated to “no show.” Please reach out to us if you are delayed so that we work with you to reschedule the pickup.


Return the vehicle to the location you selected in the rental summary. If you have selected a custom drop-off location where there is no key drop box, a representative from W/2 Rentals will greet you. In other instances like the Walla Walla Regional Airport, a key drop box is available (return box on the left through the first glass sliding-doors at Departures).

Note: Let us know you have dropped the keys in the box, so we can note that your rental has been returned.

If W/2 Rentals designated reserved parking spot is occupied, please park the vehicle in a safe spot in the Walla Walla Regional Airport parking lot. 

If your reservation return time changes, please contact us to make arrangements. If the return is more than 30 minutes late, you will be charged an extra days rental for each additional day(s), a late return fee plus any additional damages or charges for W/2’s inability to timely fulfill other reservations, in addition to any other fees which may accrue or be assessed by W/2.

Make sure you have all your belongings.

Check that the vehicle is clean.

In the event you’ve had an accident, incurred damage or you feel the vehicle may need some extra cleaning because of an unforeseen mishap, please let us know. It’s always helpful to inform us, fill-out an “accident form” (found in the glove box).

If you are not met by a W/2 Rentals representative when you return the vehicle; and prior arrangements have not been made, please text or call (509) 240-9343 to inform us that the vehicle and keys have been returned. Thanks!

Custom Return (additional fee)
Any location within 9 miles of Walla Walla Regional Airport. If outside this distance, custom return must be approved by us and additional mileage and return charges may apply. If custom return is approved, our agency representative will arrive at your location at your selected return time.

Note: Geographical limitations may exist for custom Pickups and Returns. Please contact W/2 Rentals prior to making a reservation if you are unsure.


Do I need to fill up the fuel before I return the vehicle?
No, you do not.
Your Rental will come with full tank of Gasoline or Diesel fuel depending on the vehicle.

We know it can be a nuisance to rush to fill the tank before returning a rental vehicle, we also don’t see the benefit to charging you an arm and a leg for not re-filling so please DO NOT feel obligated to fill before returning. There is no additional cost to you for using the fuel in the tank. This is our policy, we hope it’s helpful.

Is a credit card required?
Yes, all reservations are made with a major credit card. We do not accept cash.

Do you have a mileage limit?
Mileage of the Rental Vehicle at the time of pickup is listed in the Rental Summary. You may drive the Vehicle 200 miles per rental day without any additional charge. Any miles over this limit are subject to a Per Mile Over Allowance charge of $1.00 per mile. If you share your use/travel plans with us in advance and your trip may potentially incur additional miles, we have Extra Miles Pre-Pay option. Any exceptions made to this policy must be provided to you in writing (or email) from a W/2 Rentals representative.

NO SMOKING allowed in the vehicle.
A smoking fee will be assessed if the Vehicle smells like smoke when returned. Smoking or vaping in the Vehicle is prohibited. You will be charged our actual cost of deodorizing the Vehicle, plus an administrative fee.

No PETS allowed in vehicle.
Unlike the smoking policy but a bit like the mileage policy if you let us know your plans in advance we may be flexible with this policy. However, just like the mileage policy written authorization is given by a W/2 Rentals representative before your reservation pick-up date, and when provided, any exception will be verified at pick-up. Any instance where and exception is provided a cleaning fee may be charged. If you ignore this policy and do not have written authorization a cleaning fee and administrative fee will be charged to you.

Will my auto policy provide coverage?
Most personal/business auto insurance policies may cover rental cars/vans. We recommend that you check your insurance policy with your insurance agent or broker prior to renting with us.
See more about this in the Insurance section below.

How old do I need to be to rent a vehicle?
You must be at least 25 years of age. Also you must have held a valid license for minimum 1 year to rent from W/2 Rentals.

Do you offer drivers?
No, we do not offer drivers at this time.

Can we hire a driver?
Any intention to hire a driver to use a vehicle rented with us must be disclosed to us. Any driver hired to drive the rented vehicle must be approved by W/2 Rentals prior to renting and driving the vehicle.

What proof of identification (ID) / documentation do I need to bring with me when I pick-up and use the vehicle?
The Renter and all Additional Drivers must show their valid driver’s license at the vehicle pick-up. We will verify identity and insurance.

Washington State Law, RCW 46.30.020, proof of insurance is required by drivers, specifically “written proof of financial responsibility for motor vehicle operation.”


In addition to the (8.9%) state sales tax, a (5.9%) state rental car tax may be applied to certain vehicles. When applicable, it will show as a line item in your Reservation Summary and Vehicle Rental Agreement.

We appreciate that there may be multiple drivers for your rental. There’s a $15 fee for each additional driver(s).

The Port of Walla Walla is authorized and required to collect approved fees and taxes for its leaseholders and concessionaires. An Airport Use Fee may be added to any reservation. This fee helps offset our costs for providing Walla Walla Regional Airport Service. This fee is applied to your reservation when the vehicle pick-up and/or drop off you selected is, “Walla Walla Regional Airport Curbside/Parking Lot.”

Custom Pick-up and Return locations there is a minimum $50.00 one time fee for each custom selection.

(Note) Geographical limitations may exist, please contact us prior if you are unsure.

$1.00 per mile for miles over 200 per rental day. For example, if you rent the vehicle for 3 days and return it with 700 miles, you will be charged an additional $100.00 ($1.00 x 100 miles over the 600).

Fee for those who decide to ignore our NO SMOKING policy. Cost of treatment to eliminate any smoke or vape from the vehicle plus Administrative fee and any other fee associated with the process of treating the vehicle.

Fee for those who ignore our No Pet policy.


We know that travel plans can change. Let us know if they do!

If your booking information is incomplete, we will reach out by email, text or phone to inform you of what additional detail or information we require. If the requested information and payment is not provided to W/2 Rentals within 48 hours, your reservation may be moved to Pending Status. If requested information is not received within 72 hours of the request, the reservation will be Cancelled and the Reservation and Cancellation Policy terms below will be enforced to determine appropriate processing of refund.

If you cancel or alter your reservation more than 21 days before the scheduled Pickup, we will refund you up to a full refund of any pre-paid fees, less a processing charge of 25.0%.

If you cancel or alter your reservation on or between 21 and 15 days before the scheduled Pickup, we will refund you up to 75% of the prepaid Rental, less a processing charge of 25.0%.

If you cancel or alter your reservation on or between 14 and 8 days before the scheduled Pickup, we will refund you up to 50% of the prepaid Rental, less a processing charge of 25.0%.

If you cancel or alter your reservation within 7 days before the scheduled Pickup, we will provide NO REFUND of the prepaid Rental Fees.

If “no-show” for your reservation date and time, we will provide NO REFUND of the prepaid rental fees.


Personal/business auto insurance policies may cover rental cars/vans. Check your insurance policy and make sure you have proper coverage.

Please check with your insurance agent or broker. You may need to add additional coverage or higher limits to your policy prior to renting one of our vans. W/2 Rentals will request proof of insurance such as that which can be found on the declarations page of your policy and sometimes on your proof of insurance cards. We look to make sure coverage’s and limits are appropriate for your booking. Need more information? Visit our insurance section in our FAQs page. W/2 Rentals may require additional insurance detail for your reservation.

By signing, the Renter agrees that when requested by W/2 Rentals, they will provide W/2 Rentals with additional insurance information such as insurance policy declarations showing policy limits and coverage’s or a Certificate of Liability. W/2 Rentals will make this request when adequate coverage detail was not provided at the time the reservation was made. If this additional insurance detail is not provided to W/2 Rentals when requested, the Renter agrees that W/2 Rentals may cancel the reservation per the terms in the Reservation and Cancellation policy.

If you are a business, prior to renting with W/2 Rentals, you must have a current Certificate of Liability on file with W/2 Rentals. Please contact us for more information.

Only drivers/representatives covered under the certificate may drive the vehicle, as long as they are listed in the rental contract as such.


We are just like any other rental car company. You’re required to sign a vehicle rental agreement. Our agreement is similar to most you will sign in the State of Washington.

Our vehicle rental agreements are clear. We expect this will help you comply with our policies and further enjoy the use of our fantastic vehicles!


Only the Renter and Additional Drivers listed in the Reservation Summary may drive the Vehicle unless an emergency situation arises which endangers life or property. The Renter represents and warrants that each Driver listed is a capable and validly licensed driver. The Renter further warrants that both they and Drivers are 25 years of age at the time of the rental, have a valid driver’s license and have proof of insurance and understands that W/2 Rentals requires this proof at the time of Pickup.

W/2 Rentals reserves the right to verify that each Driver’s license is in good standing and may deny or cancel the Agreement at any time should a license under this agreement be suspended, revoked, or restricted. The Renter further warrants that Vehicle will NOT be operated in a negligent or illegal manner. The Renter is responsible for ensuring Additional Drivers compliance with this Agreement, and the Renter is liable for any Additional Drivers conduct.  

W/2 Rentals Vehicle Rental Agreement

W/2 Rentals® is Licensed in the State of Washington as a Registered Rental Car Agency, #R61464.